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#The way of bEther

#The way of bEther

bEther is one of the first decentralized bookmaker powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
But, bEther is more than just a coin. It’s a revolution in the design of digital currency economies.

Centralized systems are excessively risky, excessively costly, unpredictable, and unfair to bettors, and often even unfair to licensed participants in the regulated betting industry. When power is centralized in governments, corporate or private books, the bettor is so dependent on the reliability of unreliable elements that sports betting is actually a bit crazy. It doesn’t have to be that way.

bEther is NOT that way.

#Decentralized Economy

bEther offers not only a decentralized sports betting blockchain, but also a sustainable economy that produces, perhaps for the first time, a digital asset in a decentralized economy with the full functions of a currency.

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#Decentralized Economy


The ICO has started ! It will last until the August 31st (or until every BET are depleted.)

  • Soft cap: 50 000 000 BET (50 000 ETH)
  • Hard cap: 200 000 000 BET (200 000 ETH)
  • 1 ETH = 1000 BET

Here's the funding address. (Don't send any ETH From an exchange ! )


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#Meet The Team

#Meet The Team


Tristan Blanc

Lead Developper


Gustave Verreau

Smart Contract designer

#Decentralized Bookmaker

Sustainable Economy

Worldwide Bets

Smart Contract Based